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To comply with the Political Constitution of the Republic and other legal bodies, the Army develops its tasks in five areas of mission, guiding its work and focusing its efforts and resources. Through this action plan the Army achieves the results expected by the authority and society.   

Territorial security and interests

This encompasses missions carried out by the Armed Forces in order to control sea and air traffic and activity, and to control and prevent illicit activities in national waters or airspace; missions in support of Public Order Forces associated with tasks assigned by law to be performed in border zones; the responsibility of safeguarding human life at sea and in case of air accidents, performing search and rescue operations in territorial areas under Chilean control in accordance with international agreements.

It also considers missions aimed at maintaining and consolidating our national presence in the Antarctica, and law enforcement missions assigned to Armed Forces institutions by national legislation during constitutional states of exception (particularly the States of Emergency and Catastrophe) and during elections.

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