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To comply with the Political Constitution of the Republic and other legal bodies, the Army develops its tasks in five areas of mission, guiding its work and focusing its efforts and resources. Through this action plan the Army achieves the results expected by the authority and society.   

International Cooperation

Includes missions carried out by the country at an international level consistent with the national interest. International cooperation considers a broad spectrum of missions, including the contribution to the preservation of world peace and international security, as well as humanitarian demining and humanitarian aid. It also considers cooperation to respond to disasters in other countries, measures taken to build mutual trust and other contributions to foreign policy.

International Cooperation Operations

Includes tasks aimed to contribute to peace within the framework of the resolutions of the United Nations Security Council. They include, among others: peacekeeping missions, peace enforcement missions and peacebuilding missions and special missions.

International assistance in humanitarian aid and disaster mitigation

The Army carries out collaborative tasks with other states regarding humanitarian assistance and mitigation measures when facing emergencies not related to an armed conflict. These tasks include operations in favor of a third country affected by an emergency or disaster.

State representation

Includes tasks aimed to represent the country abroad or to promote links with countries of interest, in support of Chile’s international relations.

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