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To comply with the Political Constitution of the Republic and other legal bodies, the Army develops its tasks in five areas of mission, guiding its work and focusing its efforts and resources. Through this action plan the Army achieves the results expected by the authority and society.   

National emergency and protection of civilians

This area encompasses all missions carried out as a contribution to State efforts associated with risk management in the event of a natural or manmade catastrophe. This includes collaborating to prevent catastrophes and to lessen or neutralize the immediate effects of such catastrophes, as well as working to restore any infrastructure or service affected by their occurrence.

Support in emergency prevention

Includes tasks concerning suppression, mitigation, preparedness and alert, which allow the National Defense to contribute to the activities carried out by the State in order to prevent or anticipate natural disasters.

Support in emergency response

Includes medical assistance, humanitarian aid and evacuation efforts that allow the National Defense to contribute to the immediate response once the natural catastrophe or emergency has taken place.

Support in post-emergency recovery

Includes tasks carried out during the rehabilitation and reconstruction phases that allow the National Defense to contribute after a disaster has occurred and which aim to reinstate the previous development status.

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