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To comply with the Political Constitution of the Republic and other legal bodies, the Army develops its tasks in five areas of mission, guiding its work and focusing its efforts and resources. Through this action plan the Army achieves the results expected by the authority and society.   


Includes missions aimed to prevent and deter the use of military force against the country or to repulse attacks and hostile acts against the population, sovereignty and territorial integrity, resources and national assets, and national interests. Regarding the population, it also considers the protection, rescue and evacuation of nationals in situations of danger abroad (Law 19.067, as amended by Law 20.297, Art. 15).

It also includes all military operations considered in the National Defense planning, as well as training and direct logistical and administrative support for such purposes.


Includes tasks aimed at maintaining and training the force −which must have a certain level of availability− according to the level of ambition. These tasks can be performing as a whole or independently. 

Military operation

Includes tasks aimed at dealing with hostile actions or aggressions against sovereignty, territorial integrity and national interests −wherever they are placed− as defined by the highest authority of the Republic in accordance with the current legal framework.

Strategic Mobility

Includes tasks aimed at deploying or maintaining the forces and their associated logistics.

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