Our Commitment


the act of sacrifice that allows us to subordinate personal needs and interests to fulfill our duties.


Virtue that leads to military rectitude and integrity, always acting with honesty and openness.

Fulfillment of military duty

Commitment to fully comply with the military duties and always remember the main purpose of it.


Treating people with dignity, taking into account their opinions without prejudice or favoritism.


Rules of conduct that allow us to obey orders while complying with laws and rules and regulations that govern the military behavior.


The ability to firmly confront life´s difficulties and developing persistence to face challenges.


The ability to make fair and objective decisions and acknowledge other people’s merits or faults.


Moral strength that allows us to face danger with determination and sense.


Loyalty to the Army and its members and supporting them in the face of difficulties.

Esprit de corps

The common affection existing among the members of a unit which arises from shared experiences through their efforts and self-denials as well as developing comradeship, trust, discipline and respect for traditions.

National pride

The feeling of devotion and the sense of attachment that soldiers develop for their Homeland, its symbols, its history and its culture. This feeling shows a real dedication to service.


The ability to restrain impulses and desire, acting with moderation avoiding harmful excesses.


The ability to deal with uncertain situations, identifying the appropriate time and the most effective means and always taking into account the common good.

Ejército de Chile

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