Our Commitment

ConstituTional MANDATE

The Chilean Army is an institution that is part of the Armed Forces as set out in the Constitution of the Republic of Chile, Chapter XI “Armed Forces, Forces of Order and Public Security”, articles 101 to 105.

Art. 101 states that “The Armed Forces under the Ministry of National Defense are constituted solely and exclusively by the Army, Navy and Air Force. Their main objective is the defense of the country and they are essential to national security”. These forces are obedient and not deliberative as well as professional, hierarchical and disciplined.


The Army’s raison d’être is to contribute significantly to the preservation of peace. Its primary task is to ensure national sovereignty, maintain territorial integrity and protect the population, institutions and vital resources of the country against any threat or external aggression, as well as to constitute an important tool of Chile’s foreign policy.


We are an Army made for combat; efficient and effective in deterrence, security and international cooperation, as well as in conflict. Versatile, interoperable, up to date and sustainable; with the right management skills, also functional and valued by the society it serves.

Ejército de Chile

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