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JOINING THE Chilean Army

In a highly changing society, we require committed young people with a vocation for service to make Chile a better country. This is why the Army offers various instances of admission, allowing people to become part of a functional Institution, with management capacity and valued by the society it serves.


The Chilean Army Military School is the only officer training Institute of the Army. This academic entity has been preparing men and women for 200 years (in 2017), people who assume the leadership and challenges that the military profession demands with dedication and honor. Throughout this period, the Institution has learned, progressed, and succeeded in training military leaders. Because of this, generations of young people have significantly contributed to the development of the Chilean Army and the progress of the country.


The Chilean Army NCO’s School is in charge of training Non-Commissioned Officers, preparing hundreds of young people every year in order for them to become a fundamental part of the Land Force. After going through solid and demanding physical, value-based, intellectual and technical training, they make up the ranks of the NCO corps, a group of people with a high knowledge of the military work, a vocation for service and a strong adherence to the profession of arms. 



These are young Chilean people with the desire to integrate a cohesive military force at the service of the country. They can join the Chilean Army as Professional Troop Soldiers, becoming permanent employees for a 5-year period. Consequently, they can be instructed in a Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) or occupy administrative positions, guaranteeing the availability of permanent operational units with an important function in terms of strategy and technology, based in human resources with greater capabilities and  better deterrence.


Military Service is an Institution of more than 100 years, where the Armed Forces, particularly the Army, annually incorporate citizens with a vocation for service for a determined period of time. During this instance, they acquire knowledge, develop skills and receive basic training as soldiers, becoming able to actively participate in National Defense and to support the country in case of internal emergencies or disasters. Moreover, they are trained and educated within a framework of discipline, values and traditions, aiming to form soldiers and citizens who make a great contribution to the development of the country.


This is another way to join the Army: by becoming part of the Military Reserve, a group of committed citizens from various fields of the work force. This is possible thanks to the existence of units that welcome and train people in order to supplement the staff that may be employed in the event of mobilization, disasters and/or emergencies. This is an unpaid volunteer-based option, with training sessions every Saturday. This is supported by Law No. 2.306 and its Complementary Regulations, which Dictate norms on recruitment and mobilization of the Armed Forces. 


The Army, in order to contribute to the State and the country in an integral manner, opens application processes to the public every year, looking to fill civilian positions with Fixed-Term Contract Personnel, with a professional degree (at least 10 semesters). Thus, and considering the need to count on professional people from areas in which the Institution does not provide training, it periodically welcomes doctors, dentists, lawyers, veterinarians, psychologists, social workers and journalists, among others. Because of their contribution, the different units across the country are managed more efficiently and in benefit of all their members. 


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