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(European Union Force in Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Chile’s engagement started in 2003 with the NATO-led Stabilization Force (SFOR) in Bosnia and Herzegovina, by incorporating Chilean personnel into British troops deployed to this mission.

Later on, under Resolution 1575 of the United Nations Security Council (November 22, 2004), mission command was provisioned to change from SFOR to the European Union (EU). It is thus established -with the aim of promoting the compliance of the military aspects of the Dayton Agreement- a multinational stabilization force under the name EUFOR, Operation ALTHEA.

Some of the tasks that the mission must accomplish are among others: maintaining contact with political authorities, religious, community and police leaders -and people in general- at each one of the local municipalities in the mission area. Additionally, the personnel deployed must stop the formation of armed groups and prevent the resurgence of violence.



(United Nations Truce Supervision Organization)
UNTSO began operations in June 1948 after the serious events resulting from the Arab-Israeli conflict, becoming the first peace operation deployed by the UN. This mission was created with the purpose of supervising the truce or ceasefire in Palestine and assisting the parties in any other agreement.

The Chilean Army has been part of this mission since 1967. Military observers remain in the Middle East in order to control ceasefire and armistice agreements, to prevent isolated incidents from escalating, and to help other peacekeeping operations in the area in meeting their mandates.



(United Nations Verification Mission in Colombia)
The UN established the Special Political Mission of international observers through Security Council Resolution 2261. Initially, this mission was made up of forces from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Paraguay, and Uruguay, which were distributed to Transitional Local Zones for Normalization (ZVTN) with the aim of verifying and monitoring the compliance of the Final Peace Agreement. The mandate given by the Security Council under Resolution 2261, 2016, has been completed, and currently, the UN is in charge of providing support under Security Council Resolution 2366, 2017, (UN Verification Mission).

The Chilean Army has a rotating contingent of troops currently deployed in Cucuta and in the Mission HQ.



(United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus)

This mission was established under United Nations mandate in 1964 to prevent further extension of conflicts between Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities. The UNFICYP remains at the island in order to supervise and monitor checkpoints, and land and air patrols within the “Buffer Zone”. The said zone splits the island with the aim of solving incidents and/or ceasefire, and air space control violations.

In 2003, the joint deployment of a Chilean military force, along with Argentinian troops, was agreed upon the framework of mutual trust agreements between Chile and Argentina.



(United Nations Military Observers Group in India and Pakistán)

The United Nations Military Observers Group was established in 1949 under UN mandate and deployed to supervise, in the State of Jammu and Kashmir, an agreed ceasefire between India and Pakistan. Since renewed hostilities in 1971, UNMOGIP monitors the ceasefire called for by the United Nations Security Council. The Chilean Army keeps a military observer deployed in the mission area, who is assigned to remain at different stations along the Line of Control supervising the ceasefire agreed by both countries.


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