If you require information that is not displayed in our web site, you can send us a message with our contact form, or calling to the Army's Public Relations Office.

To request a background on Conscript Soldiers, you can contact the Conscript Soldier Assistance Office.

Army's Phone Guide

Central Telefónica

+562 26934000 (Central Telefónica)

 Relaciones Públicas del Ejército

  • Mail: [email protected]
  • +56 2 2693 4277
  • Horario dLunes a Jueves de 08:00 a 17:00 hrs. - Viernes de 08:00 a 16:00 hrs.

Formulario de Contacto

Ejército de Chile

Av. Tupper 1725, Santiago Centro - Chile
+56 2 2693 4000 (Central Telefónica)